Frequently Asked Questions

Get the highlights of what it's like to work with Luminary Financial Content.

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How much does it cost to hire you for custom writing projects?

Short answer: It depends. We’ll schedule a time to talk by Zoom or phone first. Then you’ll get a quote for your project(s) based on the amount of research, complexity, requested turnaround time, recurrence, etc.

How long are your lead times?

Turnaround time on your project will depend on how many other projects I currently have in the queue and the scope of your project. Your quote will include a proposed timeline after our initial conversation.

Do you work with a compliance team?

Sorry, no compliance team here. Every advisor I work with has a compliance team through its broker-dealer or RIA, and I recommend running your content through them before publication. But I know what compliance officers are looking for, so I'm always writing with "hot words" and potentially problematic phrasing in mind.

What are you like to work with?

My approach is, “How can I make life easier for my clients?” Sometimes that means going out of the way to help with last-minute projects or tackling projects that may be outside the typical definition of “content writing.” I strive to be an extension of your marketing team, shining a light on your firm’s best qualities.

Can you help with SEO for my firm’s website?

You bet. I can audit your website to make sure you’ve got the SEO basics, things like title tags, meta descriptions and keywords. If you’re missing any of those things, I can help you fill them in using SEO best practices.

Can you send me some samples of your writing?

Sure! Just send an email to to request some samples of previous work.

Do you design custom projects as well?

I'm a writer first and foremost. However, I have several talented freelance designers in my network. Let me know if you need design work done too and I’ll help you sort that out.